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Director R.L. Scott Announces Special Ops Series Pilot, OPTION ZERO!

Filmmaker R.L. Scott is proudly announcing his latest shortfilm, one in a handful of projects currently in development for his indie platform, Shadow Motion Pictures. Newly wrapping just this weekRead More >

breakin’ NEWS with Shabba-Doo: Egyptian Lover & The Glove

LEGENDARY WEST COAST HIP HOP RECORD PRODUCERS Chris “The Glove” Taylor & Greg “Egyptian Lover” Broussard will be special guests this Thursday, October 30, 2014 breakin’ NEWS with Shabba-Doo aRead More >

breakin’ NEWS with Shabba-Doo

breakin’ NEWS with Shabba-Doo Every Thursday on EZ TALK LIVE MORNING SHOW 10:00 AM PST Hosted by street-dance legend and hip hop icon, award-winning choreographer, star of Breakin’ and Breakin’Read More >

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SHABBA-DOO How Breakin’ Shaped American Culture and Saved my Life By Shabba-Doo OVERVIEW To many, the “Breakin’” film means “boombox-toting, shiny-clothes-and-Kangol-hat-wearing dudes who do the robot and spin on theirRead More >