THE KING OF CRENSHAW: Feel! Laugh! Cry! Shout! Dance! — A Lecture by Shabba-Doo

sdtkoc-lecture-11-7-16THE KING of CRENSHAW
Feel! Laugh! Cry! Shout! Dance!

A Lecture by Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones

“Shabba-Doo has the first-hand knowledge, the access, the street cred, the success, and the attitude to deliver the definitive history of street-dance, its effect on 21st Century American popular culture, and its massive influence on the world of hip-hop.” – Alan Goldsher

Lecture Overview

To many, the “Breakin’” film means “boom box-toting, shiny-clothes-and-Kangol-hat-wearing dudes who do the robot and spin on their heads.” Okay, during the 1980’s you’ve probably stumbled over a couple of ghetto-blasters making your way to public transportation or have seen a shimmery track jacket or two at your local neighborhood dance-off, but Breakin’ has gone on to become far more than its iconic trappings. It’s about athleticism, and grace, and the streets, and street smarts, and retro-chic, and unspoken communication, and dirty funk, and beats, and rhymes, and life. It’s about how Shabba-Doo became the king of Crenshaw, hip-hop’s spiritual father and modern dance’s bad-boy cousin.

Shabba-Doo’s ‘The King of Crenshaw’ is an oftentimes harrowing, oftentimes inspirational, and oftentimes poignant life journey that will take those in attendance from the mean streets of Chicago’s infamous project homes to the back lots of Hollywood, from L.A.’s gang-laden Crenshaw Boulevard to the Soul Train dance line, to a founding member of The Lockers, and to his eventual directing-fellow tenure at the prestigious, American Film Institute. Street-dance and Hip-hop’s life story will be woven into Shabba-Doo’s gripping personal life journey told over the course of 90 riveting minutes, which is the only way it can be done, as one wouldn’t have flourished without the other.

Hip-hop is a vital, albeit far too often unrecognized force in contemporary entertainment; it’s no exaggeration to say that the movement Shabba-Doo helped to create and has lead for the past 45 plus years, has a resonant, singular imprint on today’s music, fashion, film, and television. Taking all that into consideration, Shabba-Doo’s life story is a story that needs to be told, and he’s literally the only person who can tell it!

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