The Universal Truth: Honoring and Preserving Street-Dance Culture

“Honoring and Preserving Street-Dance Culture”

Universal Truth Code:

  • We are a universal community
  • We are seekers of truth
  • We respect each other
  • We honor our art

Universal Truth Ethos:

We are artists, guardians of personal artistic growth – vigilant in our pursuit of peace, victorious in love.

We are professional and amateur dancers, emcees, Dj’s, filmmakers, designers, business owners, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, all lovers of street-dance, and freedom of self-expression – an ethnically, and demographically diverse and agile force – United, exemplifying the highest standards of service to our culture, at home and abroad.

Truth and righteous conduct shall serve as our bulwark; respect for others is fundamental to our character; decisive leadership is integral to our ongoing success.

We are a people, disciplined, and well prepared, committed to the betterment of all.  We do not, will not, nor cannot waver in our dedication and accountability to our fellow artists.

We are artisans and true believers, forged by core values of Honesty, Courage, and Love.  At all times, understand, and hereby agree, we by our actions, reflect our proud heritage and tradition.

We defend our culture, even against our own, and prevail in the face of adversity with strength, determination, and dignity.

– Universal Truth:  Honoring and Preserving Street-Dance Culture


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