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Hosted by street-dance legend and hip hop icon, award-winning choreographer, star of Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Shabba-Doo, is a hot new internet radio/television show!  breakin’ NEWS will focus on old school and new school street-dance/hip-hop from every aspect – as a source of entertainment, fitness, fashion, romance, travel and adventure.  breakin’ NEWS with Shabba-Doo listeners will get the 411 on new urban trends in music and dance, including anything and everything related to the culture. 

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Talent Representation:
Abstract Talent Agency
Theatrical • Commercials
Terry Mandel or Jan Rosenthal
Call: 818.876.9647

Speaker Representation:
Serni Solidarios
Call: 253.229.2894

Saraa Kami
Call: 347.703.4686