THE KING of CRENSHAW: Shabba-Doo and the Birth of Street Dance

Shabba Doo and the Birth of Street Dance
Written by Marcus Reeves and Ronke Idowu Reeves

Documentary Film
Registered WGAw: 1755334
Status:  Development

THE KING of CRENSHAW documentary tells the true story behind the birth of Street-Dance/Hip Hop, and a radically new style of dance that has become a global phenomenon. Told through the lens of cultural icon and street-dance legend, Shabba-Doo, a founding member of The Lockers, the docu-film special explores how six Black teenage Soul Train dancers from inner city Los Angeles, during the height of the racially charged civil rights movement in the early 1970s took street-dancing to the extreme and changed the face of dance and pop culture forever. Hip Hop is now the dominant global culture from which sprang rap music, clothing trends, graffiti art and a global awareness for this unique American cultural phenomenon.  We see street-dance and the Hip Hop culture in commercials, on concert stages, on television and in clubs. The music, clothing and ethos of street-dance are overwhelmingly popular among worldwide youth. It pervades all our experiences. THE KING OF CRENSHAW is a fascinating visual, musical, and cultural journey that explores a time period that is a hinge of our history.

Shabba-Doo, ‘the Bob Fosse of the Streets,’ takes us on a poignant personal journey, uncovering the historical truth behind the creation of the wildly popular and world’s first street-dance, ‘The Campbellock aka locking,’ the music that drove it, and the Hip Hop phenomenon it helped spawn.  Production will transport its audiences back in time to Crenshaw Blvd, circa 1971, a breathtaking adventure through the origins of street-dance.

Throughout, the docu-film, Shabba-Doo, introduces a whole spectrum of Hip Hop’s dance elite from its inception. From ‘old school’ dance founders and legends to ‘new school’ faces, influential rappers, and high profile global celebrities exposing the historical roots of Hip Hop, through a cinematic examination of the socio-economic backgrounds that fueled their creative process.

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