California Soul


California Soul Poster 3CALIFORNIA SOUL
Break it to make it!

Story & Script Written by Adolfo Quinones
Animation Design by Nelson Garcia

Animated Feature
Status:  In Development – Treatment
Registered WGAw: 1755542

California Soul will have the cultural spirit and dance energy of the iconic,
street-dance film Breakin’ with the feel good ‘Toy Story’ Pixar style animation.


California Soul is a coming of age story about Carlos Garcia aka Carly, an awkward preteen who hasn’t spoken a word since the passing of his mother.  Although raised by a loving supportive father, Jesus “Chewie” Garcia, the owner of California Soul, an old school hip hop collectibles shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk, Carly nonetheless lives a soulless existence, withdrawn from the world. He spends most of his time day dreaming his days away, in much the same way as Walter Mitty. Carly finds solace in the basement of his father’s shop, a place where he develops a secretive and unusual companionship with a group of old school collectible action figures headed by Street-King, the ultra cool, 80s street-dance action figure collectible toy, known as “Street-King” voiced and characterized by real-life legendary street dancer, cultural icon, and star of the urban dance films Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Shabba-Doo.

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