SHABBA-DOO THE KING OF CRENSHAW: Memoirs of the Dance Forefather of Hip Hop

Memoirs of the Dance Forefather of Hip Hop
Written by Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones


“The early 70’s were a turbulent era in the world of music and dance. As Motown winded down and the love children of the folk era gave way to a new wave of R&B and funk fueled by the rise of disco and drug culture, a new phenomenon called Soul Train grew out of the Chicago street dancing scene. Once it hit the mainstream, the TV show quickly grew too big for the Windy City, moving west to Los Angeles, California, where I and five other young and hopeful Black street dancers along with one classically trained White dancing queen would emerge as pioneers of a style of dance that would change popular culture forever.

Our troupe would pay more than our share of dues, weathering the pratfalls of our own excesses, in-fighting, bad managers, and a ruthless industry resistant to innovation, particularly from Men of Color and women; but after a rocky start, we became fast friends, trained till we bled, improved exponentially, turned pro, and rose to become a celebrated global dance sensation the likes of which the world had never seen. But when our dance obsession catapulted us to stardom, success ripped our friendship apart…” – Shabba-Doo

SHABBA-DOO THE KING of CRENSHAW:  Memoirs of the Dance Forefather of Hip Hop will run approximately 250 pages, and will include exclusive photographs, the majority of which have never been seen by the reading public.  Scheduled release 2018 – which just so happens to coincide with the 33rd anniversary of Breakin’.

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