Planet Dance

Created by Shabba-Doo

Reality Television Series
Status:  In Development
Registered: WGAw

Planet Dance is an entertaining cross-cultural journey, which blends the fundamentals of a travel show with the fast paced, contemporary feel of a music video.

If all American exports had the success of dance, there would be no trade deficit. Contemporary American dance has crossed borders and made its way into nearly every culture and household on the planet. Shabba-Doo is an iconic, American pop culture figure, and co-architect of contemporary urban dance. Hailed the Bob Fosse of the Streets, and the Fred Astaire of the 80s, Shabba-Doo’s street savvy charisma along with his global fame makes him the ideal lens through which our audience will view the universe of dance.

Young and old alike embrace music and dance. Dance is a universal language where emotions are expressed, cultures are identified, and experiences are shared. Planet Dance with Shabba-Doo explores the many styles of dance and rhythms that make up our world.

Our cameras will capture all the action, as we travel on a “dance safari” around the globe in search of the purest most exhilarating, dance forms the world has ever seen!

Designed for a broad demographic this high-energy television series will shine the spotlight on dance and the cultures from which it was born, elevating our understanding and appreciation of dance to unprecedented levels.