THE KING OF CRENSHAW: Rise of Shabba-Doo the Dance Forefather of Hip Hop

Rise of Shabba-Doo the Dance Forefather of Hip Hop
Written by Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones


To many, the “Breakin’” film means “boom box-toting, shiny-clothes-and-Kangol-hat-wearing dudes who do the robot and spin on their heads.” Okay, during the 1980’s you’ve probably stumbled over a couple of ghetto-blasters making your way to public transportation or have seen a shimmery track jacket or two at your local neighborhood dance-off, but Breakin’ has gone on to become far more than its iconic trappings. It’s about athleticism, and grace, and the streets, and street smarts, and retro-chic, and unspoken communication, and dirty funk, and beats, and rhymes, and life. It’s about how I became the king of Crenshaw, hip-hop’s spiritual father and modern dance’s bad-boy cousin.

Street-dance is a vital, albeit far too often unrecognized force in contemporary entertainment; it’s no exaggeration to say that the movement I helped to create, has a resonant, singular imprint on today’s music, fashion, film, and television. Taking all that into consideration, my story is a story that needs to be told, and I’m literally the only person who can tell it. I have the first-hand knowledge, the access, the street cred, the success, and the attitude to deliver the definitive history of street-dance, its effect on 21st Century American popular culture, and its massive influence on the world of hip-hop.

My oftentimes harrowing, oftentimes inspirational, and oftentimes hilarious life story is a cinematic narrative that will take the reader from the mean streets of Chicago’s project homes to the back lots of Hollywood, from L.A.’s gang-laden Crenshaw Blvd. to the Soul Train dance line, and to the American Film Institute. Hip-hop’s life story will be woven into my personal life journey told over the course of 3 books, which is the only way it can be done, as one wouldn’t have flourished without the other.

THE KING of CRENSHAW:  Feel! Laugh! Cry! Shout! Dance! An autobiography will run approximately 200-250 pages, and will include exclusive photographs, the majority of which have never been seen by the reading public.  Scheduled release 2017 – which just so happens to coincide with the 33rd anniversary of Breakin’.


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