“Shabba-Doo possessed the first-hand knowledge, the access, the street cred, the success, and the attitude to deliver the definitive history of street-dance... and its massive influence on the world of hip-hop."

CEO Indigo River Publishing



Shabba-Doo’s The King of Crenshaw memoir is an oftentimes harrowing, oftentimes
inspirational, and oftentimes poignant life journey that will take readers from the dark streets of Chicago’s infamous project homes to the shimmery back lots of Hollywood, from L.A.’s gang-laden Crenshaw Boulevard to the Soul Train dance line, to a founding member of the fabled street-dance troupe The Lockers, the Breakin’ films, and to his eventual directing-fellow tenure at the prestigious American Film Institute.
Street-dance and Hip-hop’s life story is woven into Shabba-Doo’s gripping personal life journey, which is the only way it can be done, as one wouldn’t have flourished without the other.

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